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Online ordering Info

I do not have an online cart and only accept PayPal payments for all online orders. If you are not familiar with Paypal they are probably the largest and most secure way to pay for your online purchases. They accept most major credit cards and at no extra cost to you. I have a verified business account with PayPal for the last 15 years. Here are just a few large companies that accept PayPal: Walmart, Sears, Home Depot, Kmart, Best Buy just to name a few.

If you want to order any item either send me an email of the item or call my phone number and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount with the shipping.  

Shipping charges will be very close to the charges below and I will let you now exactly when I receive your order and get a confirmed weight of you order.

​ I do offer combine shipping on multiple orders to save you some cash

$4.99 for 1 lb or less (single heads, head covers, maybe 3-4 grips or 1 shaft)

$9.99 for up to 2 lbs (single clubs, 12 grips, 3 heads, 3 shafts)

add $2.00 for each extra lb up to 4 lbs

$14.99 for orders of 5 - 15 lbs

over 15 lb s contact me for your shipping cost

 I mainly use USPS for shipping and everything over 1 lb goes US Priority Mail

Why Copies over the Originals

The Prices you see on the website under underneath the different heads are for fully assembled clubs unless you see "head only" stated since I do sell components heads.

Titanium & Fairway woods include my a standard graphite shaft and grip. 

Irons, Wedges & Hybrids include standard True Temper steel shaft and grip.

I do have a good selection of shafts and grips you can upgrade to your club for a little extra money as well as some cheaper ones that can lower your price a little bit also.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call and I will try to answer questions you may have. The best time to call is from 5 PM - 8 PM est. or during the day, if I'm not here just leave a message and I will get back to you.

(1) Clones or Knock-off clubs are about 60% - 75% less than the cost of the OEM clubs in most cases they will preform the same. 

(2) You get to pick the shafts and grips you want on your new set of clubs. 

(3) My Clubs are made to your specs (length, shaft & grip) usually at no extra charge. If you buy a set off the rack and want any changes  it will be a substantial cost to you for that.

(4) The Copies are made form the same materials (Titanium & Stainless) as the OEM heads.

(5) A full set of clubs can cost upwards of $1500 or even higher while you can save around $1000 if you buy a set from Jake's Golf.

(6) Finally when you buy this years Titanium Driver for $400 - $500 and go to trade it in or sell it for next years new model, you'll be lucky to get $150 for the old one. 

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